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War Dec: The Amarr Empire and the Caldari State

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War Declaration approved by Auriel Aedean

Hello Citizens of New Eden,

The great injustice committed by the Amarr Empire, and the Caldari State have gone unnoticed for far too long. From slavery, to a state in which capitalism leads to inequality, New Eden needs our help.

We will be joining the Gallente Federation, in this War Declaration against the Amarr Empire and the Caldari State, and we will end the War, and bring peace to New Eden.

- Auriel Aedean

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As a Caldari who supports the empire, I find this to be rather jarring.

As a Mercenary who regularly asks himself "Wheres the money in that?", I admit I am indifferent. Just tell me where to point and shoot.

"It's Dargor! He knows!!!!" Big C

"Reach heaven by violence"
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Ah, if there's a steady paycheck in it, I'll believe anything you say.


I get it. Karma's a bitch.
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