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My escape from the Amarr Empire Gsban010

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My escape from the Amarr Empire

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1My escape from the Amarr Empire Empty My escape from the Amarr Empire on Tue Feb 12, 2013 9:46 pm


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Originally born in the Amarr Empire, Auriel and his family of Pilots worked as slave miners for the Empire. Having strongly embraced faith, Auriel was loyal to the Empire. Although, Auriel was overworked, and always depressed - but feared the repercussions of speaking out. Working alone on an abandoned Asteriod Belt, Auriel had managed to recieve a Liberty broadcast from the Gallente towers. These broadcast stations - or as the Amarr like to call them "propaganda" towers, aim their broadcasts far into space, aimed at liberating the people. Listening to such broadcasts was illegal - those caught were never to be seen again. Auriel feared for his life. Knowing this, he made a careful plan to sentenced to mine in Lowsec, and thus hitch a ride in a Cargo Container through Nullsec, and finally managed to wind up in Gallente airspace. Auriel, seeked political asylum in the Gallente Federation, and was granted it. After this, Auriel had made a small fortune off of mining, although, after an unfortunate incident with a mining laser gone wrong, Auriel was near death, and unable to transition to his next clone. And then, new technology was found, the instant transfer of consiousness - even at the moment of death. Auriel knew what this meant. He spent his small fortune on such clones, and also founded a Corporation of Mercenaries, to fight for freedom, and against those who held him as a slave for eons, the Amarr Empire, as well as the Caldari State, whose affection towards multibillion Corporations outweigh the rights of the people. He met Orion Aedean, after forming the Corporation, whom also fled his homeland - the Caldari State. After appointing Orion as the Director, Auriel made it clear what the purpose of the Corporation was - to liberate the Universe, to ensure that peace may finally come. After all, that's what previous civilizations thought. Perhaps someday, we can all live in peace. Someday.

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2My escape from the Amarr Empire Empty Re: My escape from the Amarr Empire on Tue Feb 12, 2013 10:16 pm

...and than he met Navep Hawk and all hell broke loose.

My escape from the Amarr Empire Navep9
I get it. Karma's a bitch.
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