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(One and Only) Epic moments thread on DUST

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1 (One and Only) Epic moments thread on DUST on Tue Aug 13, 2013 2:12 am


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Post about your epic moments on DUST. I'll start it off:

Earlier yesterday while playing Skirmish on Ashland, I was murder taxing some enemy clones over at objective C. Well...this is where the fun begins. After having failed to murder taxi the player, I spot him placing down some anti-vehicle mines down. Now, pulling a tactic from Warhawk (yes, Warhawk), I accelerated quickly, got out of the LAV, and, well, boom went my car, and the enemy clone.

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My most epic moment was this time when I was a Heavey on Acadmey.  It was on skirmish and it was me vs 10 noobs.  They never stood a chance.


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