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Caldari Troubles and Cloner Futures

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1Caldari Troubles and Cloner Futures Empty Caldari Troubles and Cloner Futures on Thu Feb 07, 2013 5:36 am

It is I, Marlow Hartwyck, reporting in from an Autama IV.

To those fellow brothers/sisters, fellow cloners with their heads crammed up their backside, listen to me! The damned Caldari refuse to accept our Caldari brothers and sisters as individuals! They have seen us all as nothing more than assets to horde and covet! With the hate of the '514' disease their hot button issue!

Now, Tibus Heth, driven mad with delusions has decided that all cloners are mindless monsters! The Dragonaurs, Heth's most loyal of dogs have begun a genocide of our brothers! They assault and swarm the enclaves of Caldari's clones with only one order, Extinction!

I say to hell with that! That is why we should join the fight against those damned loyalists too blind to see the fate that awaits their obedience! I am going to side with the Mordu's Legion and protect our fleeing brothers and sisters!

I understand full and well what our stance is about prying into the matters of the other states, but I cannot sit idly by as fellow clones are wiped out. Even if it means fighting beside a potential enemy in the future!

See you on the Battlefield,
-Marlow Hartwyck, Minmatar 'Cloner'

Heh, My first attempt at a little in-character melodrama. What do ya think? It is of course referencing the new mercenary event that will be available as of this last hotfix. You can find out more about the situation here:


And also here:


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2Caldari Troubles and Cloner Futures Empty Re: Caldari Troubles and Cloner Futures on Tue Feb 12, 2013 9:22 pm


Community Manager
Pretty good. I recently updated my own bio. Would make it longer, probably in a forum post.

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