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Special Presentation - CCP

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1Special Presentation - CCP Empty Special Presentation - CCP on Thu Jun 13, 2013 1:35 am

GAMEBREAKER had a sit-down with CCP for a special presentation about EVE and Dust.  Watch it below:

The forums went crazy and picked the video dry. Here's a quick summary of the basic issues that were touched upon.

  • UI Imrovements
  • Weapon range system improvements
  • New dropsuit roles - Pilot (vehicle bonus) & Commando (dual light weapon weilding heavy)
  • Two new terrian texture sets
  • Engine performance upgrades
  • Once-a-month "Rapid Fire Updates"
  • Welcome screen added
  • "Daily Bonus"
  • Progression updates (mail alerts, corp battles, etc. upon login)
  • New battle finder screen
  • Matchmaking - Greater focus on team balance (gear as a criteria)
  • Prioritize matchmaking with friends
  • New vehicle roles ("Destroyers" were given as one example - anti-air HAV with faster tracking / RoF)
  • New Infrastructure (Research, Production)

Do you think we really need an anti-air specific HAV when Derpships aren't even an effective asset?  Also, how long until everyone makes a crazy anti-infantry fit using these Destroyers faster track and RoF?

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2Special Presentation - CCP Empty Re: Special Presentation - CCP on Thu Jun 13, 2013 2:57 pm


Community Manager
Commando dropsuit sounds amazing. <3 Lol. Any idea when this should all be released?

Gunslingers>WYLDKATZ Cool

My main All Star- Spike :TYO:
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3Special Presentation - CCP Empty Re: Special Presentation - CCP on Thu Jun 13, 2013 6:10 pm

Sadly no, the next patch is rumored to be early July, but no one knows how much of whats mentioned will be in it.

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