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A Hero Revealed, A Monster Exposed

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1A Hero Revealed, A Monster Exposed Empty A Hero Revealed, A Monster Exposed on Wed May 29, 2013 7:37 pm

Admiral Visera Yanala.

That is a name that few can forget. Each for different reasons. The dear Admiral, a well-respected and decorated officer in the Caldari Navy, called out of retirement and entrusted the command of the Levitation class Titan, The Shiigeru, orbiting Caldari Prime prior to following battle. Those who stepped foot on that rock, know the story of what happened. While we, the clones, fought for control of the ground the Gallente and Caldari fought in high orbit over control of Caldari Prime space.

The Shiigeru was a fearsome threat to everyone. Equipped with a Doomsday weapon, known as the Oblivion, capable of destroying a ship in but a single shot, it was considered an odd spectacle that said weapon was never fired during the battle. When the Shiigeru crashed on the surface, the destruction was immense. Now and forever, there will be visible scar on the surface of Caldari Prime that no one shall ever forget.

That said, in consideration of the events of those days, it was said that the people of Caldari Prime survived through luck alone. Initial reports explained that damage sustained during the fighting above orbit had critically damaged several of the more volatile components on board the Shiigeru, significantly reducing the level of destruction of what should have been an extinction-level event.

Long after the battle an investigation had been conducted by the Ishukone Corporation and subsidiary Zainou Biotech. The results of this investigation were astounding! The telemetry data from the Shiigeru showed that in the final moments of the Titan's life, Admiral Yanala disabled all volatile systems on board That includes the heavily damaged propulsion system and Doomsday weapon, rendering them completely inert before the ship broke apart in orbit.

An act that saved millions of lives in the surrounding areas as well as Billions of lives on the planet whole! It was stated that the Admiral 'acted in the best interests of those on the ground.' Admiral Yanala was considered a hero not just to the Caldari people, but all of those on Caldari Prime. The public demanded to see and hear their hero, to celebrate her actions.

Sadly, that was not possible. It was reported by the CEP that despite podding out of the Shiigeru, due to a cloning malfunction that she was lost forever. The State reacted in shock, with businesses closing for the day and many choosing to take off work in her memory.

With her unexpected death, the CEP opened an investigation. To find out why Admiral Yanala didn't survive. It called Executor Officer Mininela Erinen to testify under oath and assistance of several proven technologies to validate her statements. Erinen made a shocking testimony, stating that Admiral Yanala did in fact survive being cloned. She further elaborated that it was State Executor, Tibus Heth, that forced the Admiral to partake in the Tea Maker Ceremony!

The Tea Maker Ceremony, a Caldari tradition since it's founding was used during times of strife. Where two parties would meet and the superior party would force the inferior party to drink poisoned tea, as a form of honorable suicide. The reasoning being that if the party made to drink would survive that it was protected by divine favor.

“When it became obvious that the Shiigeru was going to be destroyed and the Oblivion was not going to be fired, Executor Heth ordered I attend him. Under Provist escort, we entered her post-rebirth chamber. Executor Heth interrogated Admiral Yanala, then offered her a cup of hak'len tea. Admiral Yanala drank the tea and died shortly after from respiratory failure.”

The actions of Heth were condemned by the Federation, citing Admiral Yanala as not only a War Hero to Caldari, but to all peoples of New Eden. Anger was one of the first reactions among all Caldari. With Vigils in Yanala's honor turning into protests against the State Executor, some even divulged into full-blown riots, needing immediate intervention from Provist forces.

Tibus Heth has tried to explain his actions but it seems that he was cut-off by civil unrest amongst the crowd. “Loyal Caldari citizens, I come before you today to address the testimony delivered to the Chief Executive Panel two days ago. It is with a heavy heart that I must tell you the testimony is, while over dramatized and colored with bias, essentially true.”

“It is with great sadness that I reveal this information to you. I acted only in the best interests of the State in making this decision. Admiral Yanala informed me she disobeyed a direct order and allowed her ship to be destroyed by Gallente forces. She showed no remorse for her actions and was defiant in front of both myself and the Navy's executive officer."

“In light of her treasonous actions, I gave her a final act to prove her honor by drinking the hak'len tea. She did so and the Maker did not protect her, so her life was forfeit. It was only later, after the CEP and Caldari Navy investigated further, that it was revealed that the battle was a lost cause and Admiral Yanala had acted to preserve lives."

“I admit I acted with haste. But a leader must act decisively in such situations. I regret my actions in retrospect, but Visera - ” It was at that point, a member of the crowd had thrown a bottle at the stage and Heth was lead away to safety as a riot broke out.

The CEP has called a meeting to discuss the rather recent findings and New Eden waits with clinched fist and baited breath for their decision.

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2A Hero Revealed, A Monster Exposed Empty Re: A Hero Revealed, A Monster Exposed on Mon Jun 10, 2013 11:45 pm

UPDATE: Tibus Heth, leading several Provist and Templis Dragonaurs laid siege to a Caldari Constructions Warehouse on the third moon of Haatamo VII. After initial occupation, Heth had all workers present rounded up for a speech. According to escaped workers, Heth proclaimed he was going to take back Caldari Prime and demanded their aid in doing so. The workers resisted and Provist forces struck out against them.

The Caldari Navy has been dispatched to the area and have surrounded the station. They have been alerted by escaped workers that Heth's forces are heavily armed and have welded shut several airlocks.

After two hours of attempted negotiation the Caldari Navy has withdrawn from the station after hearing rumor that the station houses at least a hundred ships, many of them Capital class. A specialist security force has been lift in their stead to ensure the situation is kept under control.

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3A Hero Revealed, A Monster Exposed Empty Re: A Hero Revealed, A Monster Exposed on Tue Jun 11, 2013 1:56 am

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*clap clap clap* My god 4, this is fantastic. Become an author dude! Fantastic stuff here.

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Beautiful... cheers

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5A Hero Revealed, A Monster Exposed Empty Re: A Hero Revealed, A Monster Exposed on Tue Jun 11, 2013 3:40 pm

Haatomo – Officials have confirmed that the group who has taken control of Haatomo VII – Moon 3 Caldari Contructions Warehouse, led by State Executor Tibus Heth, had planned on using the station as a staging area for an invasion of Caldari Prime. The Caldari Navy has issued a statement saying the situation has now been “contained”, as warships belonging to it and the security forces of all eight megacorporations continue to stand by, while marines and security personnel have secured the docking facilities.

Non-essential personnel have largely been evacuated from the station, while a skeleton crew has been left to operate basic station services and provide docking rights to capsuleers. The Caldari Navy has sealed off access to every other section of the station as it attempts to negotiate with Heth and his group. The group, which consists of members of the Caldari Providence Directorate and Templis Dragonaurs, has sealed off access to at least three decks by welding shut access points.

Aside from saying the situation is contained, the Caldari Navy has not released any statement on the matter. The Chief Executive Panel has denounced the occupation, saying, “Tibus Heth is acting without the authorization of the Chief Executive Panel and any military action against Caldari Prime is completely unsanctioned. This is being treated as an act of terrorism by the constituent corporations of the Caldari State.”

Several members of the corporate security forces involved in the siege have been less reluctant to talk, though they have done so on the condition of anonymity. One said, “It's crazy in there. They have the whole place on lock down. The station security systems are in their hands. We managed to cut off their access to a few locations, but we're still mostly working in the dark.”

Another added, “We have the situation well in hand. Heth and his boys are locked in tight. If they want to get out, it'll cost them. And as long as their cap ships are docked up, there's no way they can get them out of here. Even if it takes months, they'll eventually be starved out if nothing else.”

One enthusiastic security officer said, “That crazy [expletive] finally snapped. I'm just glad the station workers weren't on board with his plans. Hopefully we get to go in and take him down once and for all real soon.”

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Excellent. :bow:

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