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School. ;)

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1 School. ;) on Wed Mar 20, 2013 12:43 pm


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This topic had to come up at some point. How's education going? What classes are you currently enrolled in? And do you have a favorite? Very Happy

I'm currently enrolled in Algebra 1 (Non-Honors), World History (Non-Honors), Honors Global Science, Honors Fiction, PE 1, Photoshop, French 1, and many Study Halls. Wink

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2 Re: School. ;) on Wed Jun 19, 2013 1:47 am

Just graduated in may, but overall:

History: I love history, it's always been one of my favorite subjects so naturally I decided to take the AP U.S. History course they offered. The only negative was all the homework, but being a collage credit course it was to be expected.

History of the Vietnam Conflict: Great class. It was always very interesting and informative, one of the few classes that made me not want to miss a day of school. One time a guest speaker called me up to talk to the class about a chart he set up, and while I wasn't paying attention he came up behind me and put me in a choke hold. Definitely wasn't expecting that. He was trying to show how not paying close attention could lead to unexpected consequences, and I think he did a good job on covering that.

Psychology: Learned a lot about human behavior and the like, watched a bunch of movies and overall had a great chill period. Learned enough were you had a new outlook on things, but obviously not enough to were you're going around diagnosing people. We're only teens after all. 

Computer classes: The teacher was by far the best I've ever had. He taught us more then we needed to know to pass, encouraged class discussions about almost anything, and didn't take his job too seriously. He would tell us about the real work and how it is after school, and tried to prepare us a bit more for what was to come. He gave us respect and we gave him ours, a rare thing to happen in high school.

English: Same thing every year as always, but senior year my teacher actually admitted he wasn't trying to make us any smarter or prepare us for collage. He went on to say what normally he would give a 100% to on an exam would maybe, if you're lucky, get you a 50 in collage. Just teaching the exam and getting us out of high school.

Math: Not my best subject, I did alright but I guess i'm just not a number guy.

I think that's enough typing, i'm just rambling at this point Razz

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