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Some clan history for you guys.

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1 Some clan history for you guys. on Mon Aug 05, 2013 10:39 pm

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2 Re: Some clan history for you guys. on Mon Aug 05, 2013 10:51 pm


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Here is the actual text:

Re: [L] NSFW Stories
 on Thu 2 Dec - 21:55 by 4wheel


Writer's Note: This story is non-canon, it's premise is simple: what if Antivan wasn't attacked and the group stayed another day.

Draping an arm around his love, Treen slowly pulled Becky against him, giving her a kiss to her cheek. "You were wonderful last night, love." Said Treen, holding his love tight.
"So were you, Treen." replied Becky, her hand circling across his chest. "I loved it so much!" Becky said, nuzzling into her man, holding tightly to him.
"...So...you want to go again?" Treen whispered, a hand slowly caressing Becky's butt. Becky gently cooed as she felt Treen play with her butt, her hand slowly reaching for Treen's crotch.
"I would love too!...But this time...let's change it up."
"Oh, how are we going to do that?" Treen asked, letting Becky slowly stroke at his cock. Slow, deep sighs escaping his mouth, Treen loved the way Becky handled his cock.
"Don't worry, I know you'll love it! <3" Giggled Becky, getting her man harder with each stroke until his cock stood upright, growing hard in her hand. Slowly Treen let out a deep moan, his moan pleasure to Becky's ears. Running her hand up his cock and giving the head a squeeze with her thumb she giggled at how fast it swelled back up. "I can't wait! <3"
"I'm yours Becky, tell me what you want to do!" Treen cooed, his cock in so much pleasure.
"Oooh, it's ready!" said Becky, happy with how hard Treen's cock was. "Alright! Let's go!" Slowly Becky climbed onto the bed and arced her butt into the air, wagging it back and forth like a tail. "Stick it in my Butt, go until you cum!"

Treen slowly lifted himself on to his knees, watching Becky wave her naked butt in the air for him. Gently his hands took hold of her hips, pushing his cock against her pucker. Pushing and rolling around her cheeks, he rolled her butt around his cock, getting a sweet pleasurable feeling from it. Finally pushing the head into Becky's pucker and penetrating her butt, Treen let out a nice sigh as Becky grabbed at the bed covers, moaning as his cock went into her butt. Feeling Treen's cock push into her, Becky clinched her butt tightly around his cock, the pleasure making him coo before she thrust her butt back, ramming Treen's cock all the way inside her as both lovers moaned greatly from the sudden rush. "Oh! Becky...Your ass, it's so amazing!" Treen moaned, slowly pulling out his cock. Becky moaned as the head spread open her pucker and let it close on the pull out before yelping as her ass was forced back open with Treen's second thrust.
"Ahh!...Ngh...So good..." Becky cooed as Treen started to begin slowly thrusting again and again into her ass.
"You're naughty little ass loves my cock, doesn't it?" Asked Treen, his cock picking up it's pace, making Becky reply with only lustful moans. "Oh Becky, your naughty ass...I love f--king it!"
"Oh..Ahh..F--k my ass, Treen!" Becky shouted, thrusting her ass back into his hips, helping Treen's thrust. Treen started pick up speed, his cock ramming Becky's ass as hard as he could, her whole body bouncing forward from his hard cock hitting her ass. Each thrust forcing Becky to moan, her grip on the bed tightening with each thrust, doing all she can to keep from sliding up the bed. Slowly Treen's pounding cock forced Becky up the bed until she had her hands on the headboard, letting Treen's hips slam into her ass. Each thrust sending a wave through her body, causing her breasts to swing forward each time Treen's cock rammed inside her. With Becky now propped up against the headboard of the bed, breasts swinging, Treen's hands dug into her ass as his cock rammed her. Sweat soon started to glisten off their bodies, both under the strain of the other as Treen's cock throbbed furiously.
"Oh Becky! Your ass! I'm going to cum in your Ass!" Treen shouted, f--king her ass as fast as he could, her long moans and screams driving him to finish.
"Yes Treen! Yes! F--k my ass, cum inside my dirty, little Ass!" Screamed Becky, her head looking down her body, watching Treen's hips thrust against her ass. Treen's swollen cock soon thrust as deep into Becky's ass as Treen could ram it, his cock throbbing greatly as he came inside her ass, shooting load after load of hot, sticky, cum into her ass. "Ahh!...I feel it...swimming in my ass!" 

Treen slowly pulled his cock from Becky's ass, the cum still hanging between her ass and his cock. Slowly pushing his cock back into her ass, Treen cuddled Becky in his arms. "Just leave it inside for now...Alright?" Treen said, holding Becky close, rubbing at her breasts. Becky breathed deeply, feeling his cock still plugging up her ass as Treen rubbed on her breasts.
"It's alright, I still want it in there! Treen...I love you."
"I love you too, Becky. You've made me so happy!"

The two lovers just laid in bed, cuddling each other tenderly as they stayed in bed, letting the day just float by.

Re: [L] NSFW Stories
 on Wed 8 Dec - 23:01 by 4wheel

Monster Hunter Erotica:

Writer's Note: This is a nice little MH story I wrote to fill the void in the release of the next FpRpX. This one features a pair of hunters at the end of a Hunt and the 'fun' that follows. The Armor set's for those needing Reference are Narga (The Male Hunter) and Rathian (The Female Hunter).

A beast leaps out from the brush, it's eyes glowing red, it's hide jet black, figure sleek and streamlined like a Jaguar. One large wing on each front leg, their ends sharp enough to sever flesh. It leaped out from it's cover pouncing upon a hapless deer, killing it with one strike. Suddenly it lifts it's head up, sensing movement nearby. Footsteps are heard as two people come running out from a nearby cave, spotting the beast. The first, a man with a white Bowgun, dressed in light armor similar to the beast, wrappings adorn his armor, holding ammo for his weapon, his breastplate a mixture of hide and netting. He draws his gun and fires a paintball, marking the beast. The second, a woman with a long light blade, wearing armor that was plated, coated with dark green scales over chain mail with the webbing of a Wyvern's wings fashioned into a dress like appearance. They were hunters, sent in to slay the beast. Turning to face his foes, the beast let's out a fearsome growl. The two glance at each other before following through with their plan.

"Finally cornered him...let's put this Narga down!" said the man, loading his bowgun.
"I'll set the trap, you put him down..." stated the woman, moving to a clearing in the forest.

Suddenly the muzzle from the man's bowgun erupted, letting out a thunderous shot that buried into the Nargacuga's hide, exploding a second later. The beast lurched back from the explosion, now enraged at the man. With a smirk on his face the man folds up his bowgun and begins to lead the Narga for the trap. Looking back he sees the beast go into a prowling stance before leaping towards him. The man rolls under the first pounce as the beast spins around and swings it's tail, the man again dodges the attack effortlessly as it leaps at him once more barely scraping his armor as the man finally resumes his rush for the trap. He exits the brush with a burst and spots his teammate, waving him on. Suddenly the crackling of branches signals the incoming attack, the man dives forward as the Narga catches him with it's cutting wing, shattering the back plate of his armor. The woman's heart sinks as she watches the blood shoot from her teammate's body. Hitting the ground in pain the man rolls and forces himself to his feet as he runs across the trap before collapsing onto the ground. Slowly the woman clutches at her partner, praying for the Narga to rush for the trap. The Beast howls loudly before it leaps to their side, missing the trap. In shock the woman snaps to her feet and drags her teammate across the trap, keeping the trap between them and the Narga. Finally it gets low to the ground, ready to pounce. It takes off from the ground, coming down on it's prey when suddenly the ground drops out from under it. Now in the trap the Narga begins to thrash about as the woman throws the tranquilizer bombs at the beast, putting it down for the count.

"Ugh...knocked the wind out of me..." stated the man, slowly sitting himself up. Looking over the captured beast.
"Cmon, Oscy, let's get you back to the camp." Said the woman, helping her partner up.


The man woke up at the campsite, slowly raising himself from the large bed there. His upper armor had been removed and set aside, his chest was wrapped in bandages. He breathed gently as he sent his hands through his hair, taking notice of the ring on his finger afterward. "...Hon? Anyone out there?" he said, soon sitting on the edge of the bed. He was just about to get up when he finally got his answer.
"Oscilous? You're awake?" said the woman, entering the tent. She slowly moved over to him and hugged him tightly. "I thought I lost you when that Narga caught you."
"Aw, Cassie, you know it takes more than that to get rid of me." Said Oscilous, comforting Cassie, looking at the matching wedding band on her hand. "Your medical wrapping is getting better."
"That's not mine, hon. It's frisky's." Said Cassie, pointing to their Felyne comrade. "All I did was undress you..." she added, her cheeks glowing.
"Well than...he's getting worse." Oscilous joked, running his hand down Cassie's back. Slowly he leaned into her ear and tugged at her ear lobe. "Rreow...how about I return the favor?" Slowly his hand clasped the belts that held her breastplate, gently unbuckling them. "Come on...We've never done it out here before..."
"Wow, nearly dying really got you going..." Said Cassie, slowly removing her breastplate and setting it on the ground. "This should be fun." She stood up, dropping her vambraces and helmet, before grabbing hold of the belt that held her tasset, unbuckling it and casting it aside with a graceful wiggle of her hips. Oscilous licked at his lip as he watched, soon taking hold of her hips and pulling her closer. He unbuttoned her over shirt, sliding his hands in under her clothes. "Your hands are cold!" she giggles, winching from the touch of his cold hands as they slide up her belly and soon cupped her firm breasts.
"Hm...no bra today? You've been thinking naughty thoughts haven't ya?" teased Oscilous, his hands slowly massaging Cassie's breasts as she slowly moaned, removing her over shirt. Her shirt hitting the ground, she slowly started to unbelt her pants, showing off her ribbon panties as her pants drooped around her ankles.
"....Yes...but I can see you are too." Cassie replied, putting her finger against his pants, pushing down the head of his cock. Slowly she moaned louder as Oscilous squeezed her breasts ever harder, running his thumbs over her nipples. "You enjoy my breasts too much..." Slowly Cassie started to kneel down, unzipping Oscilous' pants and pulling out his cock. "You even enjoy it more if I don't use my hands..." said Cassie, slowly bringing her breasts down on his cock. Cassie then grabs her breasts, slowly stroking her love's cock with them, licking the head as it comes out from her breasts. She feels his cock throb between her breasts as she slowly picks up her speed, soon rolling it around in her breasts as she continues to kiss and lick the head.
"Oh...Keep going Cassie...you're so great!" moans Oscilous, running his hands through her hair. He watches intently as Cassie continues to pleasure his cock with her breasts, moaning each time her soft lips touch the head. The head swells gently as Cassie takes it into her mouth, suckling it like a bottle. Oscilous' hands soon force her head down on his cock, making Cassie deepthroat him as he holds tightly to her hair. She moans and gags as she takes his cock down her throat, feeling Oscilous thrust his cock down her mouth, flaring out her throat.
"It's coming, Cass, you gonna swallow?" warns Oscilous, the throbbing of his cock already a big enough alert to his light-headed Oral performer, giving his cock one last hard suck before pulling it out and squeezing it with her breasts. Cassie's breasts stroke his cock as she nibbles on his head when Oscilous suddenly moans loudly, letting himself cum, forcing Cassie to swallow it all. Feeling it run down her throat, Cassie slowly squeezed her breasts up his shaft, milking his cock for every last drip of her favorite drink.
"Mm...You're still firm, Oscy." smiled Cassie, feeling it in her hand as she slowly stood up. She pressed the head to her belly and dragged it down her body, smearing a line of his excess cum into her trimmed pubic patch. "Now you have to pleasure me!" She ended, prodding the head against her vagina.
"I've been waiting for your turn...I'm gonna make you scream." Said Oscilous, trading places with Cassie, pushing her back onto the bed.
"Just talk to the Pussy, Osc..."

Slowly pushing his cock inside her, Oscilous started to gently rock his hips, giving slow, controlled thrusts into his love's vagina. Cassie cooed as she felt him enter, taking a big gulp as she took hold of the bed. Slowly Oscilous lifted her legs into the air, pressing down on the back of her knees as he started to pick up his thrusting. Cassie moaned lightly, her face blushing as she got to look at Oscilous f--k her with her legs lifted up for her to look past. Oscilous smiled mischievously at her embarrassed face. As if a sudden change over took him, he began to violently thrust his hard cock into her vagina, Cassie suddenly erupting into loud screams at the too sudden change of pace. His cock throbbing relentlessly inside her, Oscilous furiously pounds at her vagina, going faster, harder than before. Tears started to stream down Cassie's face as she cries out in pleasure, the feeling of Oscilous roughly thrusting within her driving her to the breaking point. Throwing her mouth open wide to scream, her vagina clutches around his cock as she reaches orgasm. Oscilous continues to thrust, easing up his pace to draw out her orgasm. His own breathing ragged, Oscilous pulls his cock out from her vagina, grinding it along her slit before cumming in her pubic patch.
"Oh...Oscy...Thank you..." Cassie pants, wrapping her arms around her love as he lays beside her.
"I...love you Cassie...Let me...clean you up." said Oscilous, still catching his own breath as he ran his hand through her patch.
"No! It's fine for now...just hold me."

 Re: [L] NSFW Stories
 on Fri 21 Jan - 14:54 by Kahoots

Notes: This fanfic contains POKEPHILIA! So for those who don't like HumanxPokemon stories, please don't flame me!

Now, onto the story!

Kelli woke up in the middle of the night sweating. She sat up in bed and brushed her long, brown hair aside. She noticed that her bed was...unusually wet. 'Thats strange...' Kelli thought, 'Its not urine, but its something else...'

The brown haired ten year old girl didn't understand and felt so very confused. What was happening to her? She felt so weird, felt hot all over, and felt a strange sensation she never felt before that she couldn't even begin to describe...

Kelli slowly, and quietly got out of bed, feeling hot all over, the strange sensation growing wilder then before... Kelli then felt even more strange, thinking of something so unusual, so...odd...that she was pretty sure she'd be in trouble big time if she got caught by one of her parents. Even worse: both.

She didn't even have time to think her plan over as it was already too late to stop now. The brown haired girl reached into her purse for something she was desperately looking for. She dug into her purse some more, trying to find what it was she wanted, and then, within a few minutes, she found what she needed: a Pokeball.

'I'm sure he won't mind...its close to mating season anyway, and besides, whats the harm in a little experimentation now and then? Its just harmless curiosity, right?'

Kelli pushed the button on her Pokeball, and the Pokeball grew large in the palm of her hand. She threw the Pokeball to the ground, a bright white light flashed, and there it was. Her Pokemon appeared on the ground, sleeping without a disturbance.

"Aipom...Aipom...wake up." Kelli whispered, gently shaking it. But alas, the purple monkey didn't even open its eyes or move. It was still sleeping, just as it had before it came out of its Pokeball.

'No, I shouldn't do this...its so...wrong...and what if I hurt and traumatize Aipom? If I did that, there'd be no way he'd forgive me...he'd hate me for the rest of his life...but maybe if I just be gentle...maybe if I don't hurt him...'

Kelli walked away from the sleeping Pokemon and opened the tiny fridge in her room, her eyes scanning up and down the small shelves until she had found what she intended to use for the act she was just about to put into motion. A nice, large jar of honey.

Kelli sat down and began sliding off her panties, then she put her hands between her legs and began rubbing her dripping wet sex. As she began to rub, she didn't even notice she was breathing heavily and moaning so softly, nor did she notice her Aipom drowsily waking up, watching Kelli touch herself.

The cute purple monkey just looked at her, watching her curiously. "Pom?" it asked, tilting its head sideways.'Aipom...I'm sorry for doing this...please forgive me...' Kelli thought, feeling so guilty about what she was planning on doing next.

Kelli twisted the lid of the jar, opening it and dipping her hands in, then rubbed the gooey sticky mess all over her sex, feeling even more guilty, but yet, the very idea of doing such an act...aroused her.

Aipom walked slowly towards Kelli, sniffing at the air, catching the wonderful smells of honey.

The Pokemon looked at Kelli with curiosity again. "Aipom? Pom?", Aipom said, speaking in cute Pokemon talk to Kelli. "All for you...it's all for you Aipom..." Kelli whispered sensually to the long-tailed purple monkey. The Aipom walked closer and sniffed at Kelli's crotch. Delighted by the scent of honey which was covered all over Kelli's crotch, the Aipom started lapping away eagerly at her honey-covered sex.

Kelli moaned in pleasure as her Pokemon kept lapping at her sex. Its warm, wet tongue sending shivers down her body. Kelli stroked Aipom's head, petting it as it lapped more and more at her dripping wet sex. "Good boy..." Kelli whispered, praising the Pokemon as it now began to lick at her clitoris, making the brown haired trainer moan louder, her body twitching in so much pleasure.

Kelli was in so much pleasure she couldn't really keep a good grip on the jar any longer. She accidentally dropped the jar of honey, making quite a mess on the rug.

"Oh no!" Kelli cried out. But wait...what was this? The Aipom paid no attention to the broken, spilled jar of honey on the rug and kept licking Kelli's dirty, sticky, wet and dripping sex. Aipom seemed to like her juices more then the honey! Kelli was relieved as the Pokemon kept licking her, eating out her sex.

As the Aipom ate out Kelli and Kelli moaned deeply in pleasure, she noticed something that shocked her. Her Pokemon's member...was growing! But was it growing, or was that just her imagination? It definitely seemed to be growing, and looked fully erect too. It looked like it was throbbing too! Suddenly, Kelli had another idea.

Kelli removed her nightgown and spread open her legs further and gently pushed the Aipom's face away from her dripping, wet sex. The Aipom sadly sighed, and grunted in frustration a little. It had really enjoyed the smell and taste of Kelli's juices.

"Aipom, I'm sorry I had to interrupt you, and I know you really enjoyed that honey, but I know something even better we could do. Trust me, you'll love it very much." Kelli told the Pokemon, tenderly patting its head.

The Aipom looked as if it knew exactly what Kelli wanted, and slid its member inside of Kelli. Aipom began a fast pace. Both Kelli and Aipom moaning together. 'This is so wrong...this is so weird...I shouldn't be doing this, but I don't care!', Kelli thought as the Pokemon's thrusts increased in speed and force, making her heart pound and her body sweat even more then it did when she first woke up.

Kelli and Aipom screamed in pleasure as Kelli's hips thrusted forward, making Aipom thrust faster and harder then before. It was all just so incredible! So amazing! And Kelli loved every moment of it, she knew that deep down she loved being a Pokephile. So what if others thought that was wrong? It was a dirty little secret she could keep, and its not like Aipom could say anything about it to anyone.

"Oh, Aipom! I...I feel so weird! I feel like I'm gonna explode! I...I'm going to die!" Kelli screamed as Aipom thrusted faster as it was cumming deep inside her, making Kelli cum too.

'I...didn't die? Wow...this is just so...oh my god, I can't even describe how it felt, but all I know is it felt so amazing!' Kelli thought, her hand resting on Aipom's head as they lay there on the floor, breathing hard, trying to catch their breath and hugging each other, cuddling on the floor.

Kelli was at the breakfast table with Aipom sitting next to her, eating Belgian waffles. It was a tradition to eat Belgian waffles on Kelli's birthday, and today Kelli turned 10.

"My, you seem really happy today! Excited about starting your journey as a Pokemon trainer?" Clarise, Kelli's mom asked.

"You bet!" Kelli exclaimed, smiling happily, winking at Aipom.
Kelli's mom didn't even know the half of it.

Re: [L] NSFW Stories
 on Sat 30 Apr - 1:42 by 4wheel


It had been a rather depressing day. After having lost to her friend yet again, Bianca sits on the bank of a lake outside Nacrene City. Beside her is her starting Pokemon, Tepig. She looks over at him, watching him lying on his back rolling carelessly back and forth. Slowly her frown turns to a smile, soon a laugh. Adoring her little Tepig's antics, she sneaks a hand over his tummy and tickles him. "Aww, Tepig you're so cute." She chuckles, laying down beside him, watching as he continues to writhe and snort. "So, you don't think I'm a bad trainer do you?" she asked, watching him continue to roll about. Releasing a sigh as her question went over his head, slowly looking out onto the lake.

Suddenly Bianca feels a ticklish feeling in her side, laughing loudly as she looks down. "Tepig?! What are you doing? Ple-Ah! Stop, that tickles!" She shouts, rolling on the grass to scoot away from her Tepig, who follows and keeps nudging her sides. Finally she stops on her side and scoops him into her arms, holding Tepig high above her as he keeps wiggling his snout and snorting. Finally he lets out a squeal in her arms as she pulls him into a tight hug. Feeling happy in her embrace Tepig starts licking at her face, causing Bianca to erupt into a giddy laughter. "You understand me, don't you Tepig! <3 You always believed in me!" Slowly Bianca rolled again, to get onto her knees when suddenly...she hits the lake with a Splash! "Aiiee! It's Cold!" She squeaked as she jumped out of the water, dripping wet.

Sun going down and Bianca sitting still, huddled over a makeshift fire in her underwear, her clothes dangling just out of reach of the flames. Bianca slowly pets her Tepig and holds him close to her, feeling his body heat warm her. Little Tepig couldn't help but feel an urge stirring as she carelessly packed him between her legs. He remembered when she fell in the lake. The moment Bianca shot out of the water he got more of the show then he wanted. Her long white dress soaked and see through, her orange vest drenched and pulling on her shoulders as her hat floated beside her, her stockings bunched around her shins, hair wet and cascading down her neck. He couldn't help but find his eyes drawn to her wet crotch, revealing her panties tightly clinging to her womanhood. He had never felt such an odd urge before, it was a longing to get at what he saw. To see what it was under the 'skin' his trainer covered herself in. Now he found himself being clung tightly to those panties, slowly giving his butt a wiggle he could feel the damp material, it felt so smooth on his rump and he could even trace his way around her womanhood, feeling curious about this new discovery. Tepig's young mentality caused him to desire to see what was happening and continue to do it. Bianca slowly talked about how her day couldn't get any worse, letting out a big sigh as she rocked her body. Unknown to her Tepig wasn't paying much attention, caught up in the movement of her body when she sighed, she had pressed her womanhood against him while he was wiggling his butt on it and it gave him a strong feel of her sex.

Tepig slowly began breathing raggedly, unaware of Bianca's peppy ranting as he continued to rub his butt against her folds, feeling the fabric of her panties and the bad job they did at keeping him from feeling her womanhood. Suddenly he felt a strong pulling sensation on his butt, it was warm and it set off another sensation between his legs, glancing under his body he saw his open sheath with member starting to come out. Squealing in her grip Tepig wanted to break free and get away from her so she wouldn't see it. "Oh?~ Tepig? Are you ready for bed?" Bianca asked, standing up and grabbing at her clothes to see how dry they were. Tepig looked greatly at her crotch, her blue bra and panties still damp, but something stuck out on her panties...They were wet again?! He looked at how they bunched up, dawning on him it was the area he was rubbing on. Glancing up at Bianca he caught a blush on her face, but he wasn't sure if she was aware of what he did. Taking down her clothes and putting out a little tinder on the fire Bianca made for a little sleeping bag and went to tuck in for bed. "Tepig~ Tepig~ Come here~ Sleep by me please~ <3" Called Bianca, patting at the little padded mat she laid beside her sleeping bag.

Tepig ran his tongue along the inside of his mouth as he sat beside her, imagining the folds and friction of her 'wet area' along his butt again. Withing a few moments Bianca had fallen asleep, moaning gently with a light snore, leaving Tepig alone in the night, thinking of the feelings rushing through his body! He could feel the sting of his member being unused as he sat thinking more and more of her 'wet area.' Just then he jumped in fear as a loud moan came from behind him. Turning around he saw Bianca still asleep, talking subtly and moaning as she threw her sleeping bag open with her legs, spreading them out as they twitched slightly. Tepig was alarmed by her first motions, but moved closer to her as she continued, looking at deep blush on her face, mumbling a name between her gentle moans. Slowly Tepig caught the scent of something in the air, feeling a very familiar sensation coming back to him. Slowly he walked around her body and between her legs as Bianca started to arch them, almost lifting her butt off the ground as her feet held her up, her ankles trembling in sync with her coos and moans. It was as he stood between her elegant legs he saw it!

His heart raced, anxiety overwhelming him as a strong scent began to come from her 'wet area.' Tepig saw how much it had grown, almost all her panties in the area of her womanhood were soaked to the bone, a slight trickle of her juices running down her thighs. The lump in his throat hurt, his heart was aching as he inched closer, the scent growing strong and making his member groan in anticipation. Tepig's little snoot went to work, taking in the pleasuring aroma as he pressed his nose into her thigh, bringing a squeaky moan from Bianca's lips. Tepig slowly followed his instincts, licking at the drip of nectar running down her leg. His eyes shut slightly, his crotch ached and an insatiable hunger arose within the little Tepig. He sniffed and licked up her thigh, taking in the daring aroma that drove him onward until he was burying his nose into the soft moist fabric of Bianca's panties. He slowly began to push and wiggle his nose into her panties, the scent and tastes he was getting feeling so amazing as Bianca slowly started to moan faster, her face burning red, and her breath traced with lust. Tepig promised he would sate this hunger now and be done with it as he licked, nipped and tugged at her panties. Desiring the amazing juices it had collected until his tongue slipped under and grazed a the silky velvet of Bianca's womanhood. The Taste, far stronger! The escaping scent, even thicker! His eyes opened wide and twitched at his discovery! He couldn't pull her panties aside fast enough, pulling several long, deep, mews from Bianca's lips as his mouth nipped at her womanhood as well as her panties.

Tepig brought his head back in amazement at the rushing sensations! Before him lay the sacred area of his lusting trainer, it's lovely enticing grip holding tightly to Tepig and not letting go. Slowly he brought his face back in, smushing it into her womanhood with sniffs and licks, causing his trainer to squeal and squeak at the impacting sensations racking through her body. The name she spoke growing louder as Tepig's hunger drove him faster, his aching member throbbing and making him squeal deep into her folds. His tongue lashed out, pushing further inside! Craving more and more of this unknown nectar that seems to absolutely control him! His body feeling such draining exertions as he continued, wiggling his hips to grind his member on the sleeping bag. The intense feeling along the underside of his member made him squeal and begin frantically lapping his tongue around Bianca's insides. Soon flicking over a pointing 'nub' coming out of her folds. The moment his rough tongue lapped against her clitoris Bianca squealed louder than ever, her legs tensing up so much as they lifted her soft butt off the ground. Her hands dug into the sleeping bag as her mouth hung open, gasping and drooling. Her face was flushed dark red as the true repercussions of Tepig's motions hit her. Soon Tepig lined the tip of his tongue on the 'nub' in her folds, running his whole tongue down it before scooping and slurping all the nectar he could from her deepest regions! His hips bucking and dragging his member faster and harder on the ground he felt the most intense pressure building with his little member, throbbing so fiercely that he buried his face in his trainer's womanhood as hard as he could, grinding his nose into her 'nub' as his tongue twisted, swirled, and slammed from one wall to the other! Just then, the lovely velvet of Bianca's folds clamped down on his tongue, overwhelming his tongue with a harsh, delightful taste as he ate what he could! His nose snooted and he began to cough on the harsh juices going down his nose, but the scent was amazing! Bianca's sensual moans became lust filled screams as her Tepig's loving touch racked her unconscious body with intense waves of pleasure. Tepig's throbbing member could take no more and began to pulse, sending tremendous shock waves through his body as he grinded it faster and harder on the ground, soon spilling his seed between his trainer's legs!

His body exhausted and face covered in the delightful nectar of his sweet Bianca, Tepig collapsed, falling asleep at his trainer's womanhood! Bianca's lusty screams became drained pants and gasps as her muscles relaxed, lowering her butt from the air and into the loving mixture of her and Tepig's sweet juices. The warmth of her womanhood and the puddle of love her butt rested in elicited a loving moan from her lips as she unknowingly slept with her caring Tepig, a light blush remaining on her face throughout the night!

Re: [L] NSFW Stories
 on Mon 8 Aug - 21:11 by 4wheel

Has nothing to do with the story...just had to vent some frustrations...

Treen slowly climbed from the soft bed, leaving his love still laying comfortably as he kissed her cheek and got dressed. He slowly opened the door to their room and left, wanting to hit the shops early for supplies. As the door closed Becky rolled over to face the door with a smile. Gently she sat up and looked around the room. Giving a gentle stretch as she looked at her messy hair in a mirror across from the bed. Letting herself carefully wake up she looked around the room eagerly.

"Alright, he's gone." She called, before getting a startling jump from a poof of smoke in the corner.
"Good, now then...where were we before that loser came back?" Fiona winked, moving to the bed and joining Becky. 
"Mmm, if I remember we were...about here~" Becky said, slowly pulling Fiona on top of her. "And...you were showing me how much fun sex actually is."
"Ooh, that's right I was. Well let's finish then." Fiona said, taking a small pill, almost immediately she pounced on Becky, kissing and groping at her body.

Becky screamed and groaned, her hands holding tightly to Fiona's body as she tried to match Fiona's kisses. Squeaks of passion escaped her lips as Fiona continued her heavy assault and left Becky gasping as her breasts were squeezed and pinched. Becky could feel how much rougher Fiona was today, Becky was already feeling the effects of the pill Fiona had taken. The pressure being pushed against her crotch as Fiona continued to fondle and kiss at her making Becky's head swell with joy. She soon rested her hand on Fiona's head, guiding her kisses as she went along Becky's neck. Slowly Becky grabbed hold of the headboard, groaning softly at Fiona's nipping as her legs spread apart.

"Please, I can't take anymore, just give it too me!" Becky pleaded, urging Fiona to undress. Carefully Fiona sat up, straddling Becky as she pulled her top off revealing her breasts. Gently her hands took hold of her tights and pulled them down. Revealing just what the pill had done to her. Becky's eyes fixated on the erection Fiona was sporting with the magic induced cock standing proudly as she began to maneuver it into position.
"First tell me how much you want it." Fiona teased, trailing a hand along Becky's thigh. 
"I want it so badly!" Becky answered instantly.
"Would you forsake 'him?'"
"Forget him! Just give it too me!" Becky squealed, arching her legs upward and apart.
"That's what I wanted to hear!" Fiona said, giving a wink as she moved in to kiss Becky, her cock prodding slowly against her pussy.

Their lips locked as Becky ran her hand through Fiona's green hair, Fiona moaning sweetly into the kiss as her hands grabbed Becky's hips and pulled her pussy down onto the cock that had been throbbing to get inside Becky. Becky felt her lungs lock as Fiona entered her, her hands tightening on the green locks of her lover's head. Her toes twitched and curled as Fiona started rocking, thrusting slowly and passionately, drawing out her cock to the tip before driving it back inside Becky's sweet folds. The pace was so agonizingly slow that Becky could feel her chest tightening, wanting it harder and faster and not getting it. Fiona loomed over Becky's begging frame, slowly feeding the desire her body was craving with little intent to actually sate it. She thoroughly enjoyed not fulfilling her role, wanting to draw it out to torturous lengths as her hips bucked harder but not faster, her cock ramming deep into Becky's pussy. The feeling of tension crying to be let out as Fiona put her thumb between her and Becky, carefully stroking Becky's clitoris softly.

"Damn it, harder!" Becky cried, her face flushed red and her chest heaving greatly as she rocked her hips with Fiona.
"No! You're not getting it that easy!" Fiona yelled, pulling a device out and setting it off to the side of the bed.
"Ooh~ Then how?" whined Becky, her arms reaching out for Fiona only to have Fiona grab both of her wrists in one hand and hold them against the headboard.
"Ditch the loser....push the button...and you'll get it all!" Fiona whispered to Becky, her face an inch away, listening to Becky's grunts as her pussy tried to force more pleasure from Fiona's slow thrusts.

Feeling a hand freed, Becky grabbed the device and with but a second thought, pushed the button. The sudden boom of a nearby explosion signaling it's effectiveness as the room rocked and Fiona began to pound harder and faster, taking her thumb from Becky's clitoris and pinning down both arms. "That's a good Princess, now you're mine forever." Fiona whispered as her thrusts took a violent pace. Her hips mashing against Becky's as her spread legs jolted further to her chest with each thrust. Her pussy was beginning to burn and twitch with pleasure as Fiona finally filled the missing desire as Becky screamed to the heavens. The cock throbbed forcefully as Fiona could finally feel herself reaching climax and her cock came inside Becky. Pouring glob after glob of cum into Becky's womb. The heat and wave of cum washing over her womanhood brought Becky to fruition as her pussy locked tightly around Fiona's cock and milked it for every last drop of cum as her orgasm hit.

Fiona panted as she laid beside Becky, the pill having worn off leaving her with her womanhood again, now sopping wet as she looked over her love. Becky gently touched Fiona's face, her body feeling so grand at that moment.

"That was so amazing, can we...go again?" Becky asked, her face deep red. Fiona laughed as she rolled onto and kissed Becky.
"Sure thing, Princess. But then we have to go before I have to kill the others." Fiona spoke, giving a wink as she laid out on Becky.
"That's fine, love...but this time...I'll take the pill."

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Then Pim said, "Fuck me Big C!"  Then Big said, "No."


I get it. Karma's a bitch.
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I guess 4wheel hasn't seen this yet.

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Oh, but now I have!  My goodness.  I'm flabbergasted to see I have my own wing in the museum of our history.  Although I'm a little miffed it only contains all the smut I've written instead. XD

Them were some interesting times, it's... odd looking back on those stories.  Fun times, those were.  Aside from those EVE reports, I really haven't done any serious writing in a long time.

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As not being part of OLY this does seem Very interesting.


I get it. Karma's a bitch.
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Big C

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4wheel wrote:Oh, but now I have!  My goodness.  I'm flabbergasted to see I have my own wing in the museum of our history.  Although I'm a little miffed it only contains all the smut I've written instead. XD

Them were some interesting times, it's... odd looking back on those stories.  Fun times, those were.  Aside from those EVE reports, I really haven't done any serious writing in a long time.
 I'm gonna work on getting all the Rp over here, we need them.

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