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Navep9's 1 month plan

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1Navep9's 1 month plan Empty Navep9's 1 month plan on Sat Jul 20, 2013 1:42 am

Additions to clan
1.  Use of calender
2.  Scheduled events (Minecraft Mondays. D.U.S.T. Wednesdays, Orbital Strike Fridays)
3.  GS Talk (Everyday at 7:00 PM, EST)
4.  Implementation of people in chat notifier
5.  Simple rules
6.  Massive Recruitment
7.  New User-Groups







Sheriff:  The leaders of the clan and moderators of the forums.
Officer:  People who are in charge of a specific game.
Gunslinger:  A distinguished member of the clan.
Recruit:  A new member who is learning the ropes.
Inactive:  A member who hasnt visited the forums in over a month(if a reason is given the user will be excuse)

Timing of Stuff

Week 1:
1. Start of scheduled events and clan talk
2.  Attempt to bring back inactive members
3.  Simplify rules
4.  Implement chatbox notifier

Week 2
1.  Recruitment Plans
2.  Site Assignments
3.  Continuation of Week 1's agenda
4.  Have MC server up and running (No Mods at first)

Week 3
1.  All out recruitment begins
2.  Mods check on assigned sites 2+ times a day
3.  Implemation of new members
4.  Scheduled events become normal

Week 4
1.  Recruitment continues
2.  Keep activity on site by having appealing topics
3.  Make new members feel welcome

Week 5
1. 1 month plan ends
2. Recruitment continues at a lower level than before.
3. Clan active once again

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Navep9's 1 month plan Navep9
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