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What are your faviorite games for each genre/mood your in?   Gsban010

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What are your faviorite games for each genre/mood your in?

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I've bought and sold many games, but I always keep the games that fill a hole no other game can, for example:

Brink- CoD used to be the game, but this is now my 'run around without thinking' game that I can just sit back and relax. I don't have to deal with people since it uses offline bots, and the parkour really adds to the quick action

Dark Souls- Great game, can be frustrating at first but there's a reason it says 'prepare to die' on the back :PThis fills my medieval/melee/boss battle kinda game, but sadly I figured the game out and learned all the enemy moves so I can pary/counter them and it's just not as fun without me having to worry about dying or anything

Endwar- I gotta have an RTS, and this is the best one for me on the ps3. I just play the single player campaign and make sure i don't win, so i can keep playing with my customized army. One of my other features is the battle recorder, so whenever I have a really good game I save it and zoom around the battlefield to see where the enemy flanked me/ what i could've done better

Dust 514- When I feel like playing with friends

Operation Flashpoint:Dragon Rising- Best FPS game on the ps3 for when you want to sit down and plan your moves. One of my most memorable moments was when I sat down and made a half-assed plan- I was going to have the bulk of my force take the long route to the back of the enemy base and spread out to different sides, staying hidden and holding fire. While they were almost done I was going to take the short route to their front and drop of a few men into cover, then distract the enemy with my manned right-side minigun. They usually think the few men in front are the main force and are wiped out quickly, but this time was different.

I didn't scout the area enough, and sure enough there was an AA emplacement that shot me right out of the sky. I managed to bail right before hitting the ground but my right leg was slightly hurt, making it so I couldn't sprint, and I was behind enemy lines with enemies all over the place. I called for my troops to come help, and I started slowly making my way back to safety with bullets hitting the dirt around me.

Every enemy nearby noticed me crash-landing, they saw the pillar of smoke and they wanted to investigate. The enemy was getting closer and closer, and no matter how my times I turned around and took pot-shots at them they weren't slowing down. Sure- I managed to kill a few and make them take cover, but as soon as I stopped firing they would keep advancing.

My goal was to get to the top of a nearby hill to get some type of awareness of were my enemies were and where which direction i should go in, but halfway up a bullet hit my leg again seriously wounding it and making me unable to move faster then a limp. I had to go prone and wrap my leg up to stop the bleeding, and with all the bullets flying over and around me I was forced to slowly crawl away in a futile attempt to keep my life. I remember at one point I turned around one last time to let them know I could still fight, and after I put a few rounds down range one of them managed to hit my rifle arm. Great, now I have to waste even more time bandaging myself up to stop me from bleeding out, and i wont even be able to aim well anymore.

However I managed to have just enough smoke grenades and claymores to slow them down just in time for my forces to arrive in their vehicles. They had to fight their way the enemies that i was moving towards, and had they not arrived i would have crossed the hill and been slaughtered. And that's when I made the stupidest decision yet- I stood up to take cover in the vehicle..as soon as I got up one round hit my head and I was dead.

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Skyrim When I want to fulfill my Fantasy and RPG needs. When I am bored with all games I end up playing this.
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 When I just want to go trolling.
Dust 514 For playing with the Clan.

What are your faviorite games for each genre/mood your in?   Navep9
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DUST 514 - Trolling, Play with friends, When I'm bored. Just my go to game really.

Final Fantasy VII - When I am in the mood to see and hear the best thing that this universe has brought forth. Wink

Skyrim - Same as Nave.

PSABR - When I'm with friends.

Brink - When I want to destroy. :3

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My main All Star- Spike :TYO:
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