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Meal Gear Rising: Revengence

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1Meal Gear Rising: Revengence Empty Meal Gear Rising: Revengence on Sun Feb 03, 2013 1:34 pm

I just played the demo and wel... It was short and sweet. You only get two attack types you can spam, light and heavy attacks, but you can do different combos depending which button you press, where the enemy is, and how Raiden I'd facing the enemy (ie his back forwards the enemy). It's a very well polished and has a pretty good soundtrack. And I'm a hardcore music junky. I never talk about music in video games unless it's suitable for the game, and oh my jahova, this game has it. Haha. It's also VERY pretty to look at. If a Pc version comes out, I'm sure it would melt faces on ultra settings.

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