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Dropsuit Income Rating

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1Dropsuit Income Rating Empty Dropsuit Income Rating on Wed Jan 30, 2013 2:35 am

Seeing as none of us really have any clue how to accurately express how efficient our out load is I decided to tackle this, being the math geek that I am.

While I doubt anyone will ever be able to get this truly accurate I think we can get a general sense of how efficient our fittings are against each others.

The way I propose to do this is one simple formula, one that will not require any math skills.

Step 1:
Play the game, and view how long (in terms of fittings) it takes you to earn one million ISK. I would suggest writing down your current ISK and number of fittings left to help you monitor it.

Step 2:
Take the number of fittings, for example for me I estimate it is about 25 fittings per one million ISK, open up your calculator and do this simple task.

Ten divided by number of fittings, or 10/#fittings.
So mine would be 10/30 or 0.33.
The closer your number is to 1 (since I never think that you will actually be able to get one million in 10 fittings, but who knows) the more efficient your fitting is.

Tell me what you think about this idea, post your own scores and any suggestions about how to revise this.

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