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hey how is it going? Gsban010

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hey how is it going?

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1hey how is it going? Empty hey how is it going? on Sat Dec 08, 2012 6:48 pm

i wish i did my introduction when this site first started but i been busy but here it goes:
I am one of the founders of xGSx along with pimentel2 and big_c. we had this idea since the summer but didnt fully do it until october. i am 20 years old. i work part time. i like manga and anime. i am a metal music lover but i just listen just about everything other then rap/hip-hp and country. i play on PS3 and PC. i play infamous 1 and 2, UC3, BO2, wwe, GTA, GOW, GT5 and some other ps3 games. PC games are pretty much anything i got on my steam account. i am a good person to get along with. i am an atheist but i respect your beliefs if you respect mine. if you want to add me on psn its inuysha5400.

PS sorry for the grammar. on my new android, its hard to type on.

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